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Duo with Pianist Patrick Lechner


International Chamber Orchestra Vienna, Austria (ICOV)

CCAA, Chengdu University, China

European traditions and the art of interpretation


Central International Music Academy, Vienna, Austria (CIMA)

Screenshot_2021-03-08 Masterclass Wien C

Prima, Chengdu, China

Intensive Violin and Musical Literacy Training for Talented Children

prima logo.png

Vivace Shenzhen Music, China


Volunteer Social Contribution Projects

Culture and Chamber Music at Fine Homes


(Edelweiss Culture Institute)

Introducing finest quality chamber music to homes and potentially new and intimate audiences, free of charge. Demanding commitment form the host (in form of providing a grand piano) and artistic preparation from the musicians, the goal of these house concerts is to actively demonstrate the practical relevance of classical music and the potential for enlightenment in everyday life. The earnest and down-to-earth communication between the organizer and the musicians, that is outside of usual business transaction, enables a more sincere appreciation of music from the host, and a pleasantly informal music-making for the artists, as was common in educated societal circles of the Biedermeier and Victorian historical periods.

Public Domain Art of Violin Technique Educational Videos

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