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CIMA - Central International Music Academy, Vienna, Austria

President of CIMA society, founder of the CIMA music festival in Vienna since 2018. Encompassing masterclasses, workshops, concerts and a multi-round international music competition with orchestra - at the premises of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Since 2021, CIMA is additionally offering exclusive online-courses with distinguished professors from Austria and from abroad.


Prima International Music Academy, Chengdu, China

Violin instructor, cultural advisor and shareholder. PRIMA is an educational establishment in the heart of Sichuan, offering intensive professional violin, piano and music theory training to talented local children.


Duo with Patrick Lechner (Piano)

Founded in 2007, the duo brings two Austrian musicians together: the winner of the international Steinway award - Patrick Lechner, and the prizewinner of Fritz Kreisler International Violin Competition Vienna – Tymur Melnyk. Together, they specialize on performing concert repertoire that ranges from baroque to contemporary music, with an emphasis on virtuoso repertoire. They regularly tour across Europe and Asia, some highlights of their concerts - the Brahms Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna - Austria, Sale Gaveau in Paris - France, Fobidden City Concert Hall in Beijing - China, Leisz Concert Hall in Hamburg – Germany, Kunmo Art Hall in Seul - Korea. Currently, the duo is passionately working on a new and innovative concert program and an Album that is due to release in 2022

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Chengdu University - CCAA, China

Engaged as a high-end foreign expert at the College of Chinese and ASEAN Arts, tasked with bringing the domestic academic level to a recognized and competitive European standard, working with international students (prioritizing the BRI - Belt and Road Initiative citizens), offering full scholarships for bachelor and master degree studies.


Vivace Shenzhen Music, China

Cross-culture consultant. Specialized in authorized dealing whole-sale volumes of acclaimed Austrian Thomastik-Infeld products, Vivace additionally offers music education for all ages in the metropolis of Chinese business world - Shenzhen.


Volunteer Social Contribution Projects

Performances for representative bodies of the Austrian government in China

Volunteer musical contributions for official events of the Austrian Consulate, Austrian Embassy and the Austrian Cultural Forum Beijing, with the ideal to strengthen the connection between China and Austria.

Culture and Chamber Music at Fine Homes

Artistic director and active contributor. Focused on introducing finest quality chamber music free of charge to homes and new audiences. The host provides a grand piano and the musicians give volunteer performances, together following a cultural ideology of the Biedermeier period and exploring the enlightening potential of classical music. The down-to-earth communication between the organizer and the musicians enables a more intimate and sincere appreciation of music throughpleasantly informal music-making, thus effortlessly strengthening the friendly bond between musicians and music enthusiasts.


Public Domain Music Education Recourses

Founder and contributor. An online-only project that offers lectures, workshops and learning materials of high quality for all ages (violin technique, repertoire, editions, hints and tips, essential theory and practical solfeggio), geared towards violinists who are financially disadvantaged and cannot afford professional studies or travel to consultations.

CIO – Chengdu International Orchestra

Founding member, concertmaster and artistic director


Tymur Melnyk

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